Our Mission

Our names are Kevin & Julie Waldock, we are the owners of a refreshing business called Cafe Infusion.

Cafe Infusion is a mobile cafe striving for a difference in how we consume our favourite drinks. Producing hot and cold beverages with our Rain Forest Alliance certified coffee and organic Colombian Swiss water decaf coffee. We bring together the most sustainable and ethically sourced products so you can enjoy your delicious coffee. We also offer a large selection of organic herbal and traditional teas, made to order. If caffeine isn’t your thing, we serve delicious hot chocolates, healthy smoothies, frappes and flavoured milk shakes.
All of the packaging on-board the Cafe Infusion mobile coffee van is 100% bio degradable or recyclable. Made from plant based plastic and will bio degrade in approx 60 days (from cups to straws). We believe that trying to offer a change in our everyday habits is a step in the right direction towards helping the environment, so we invite you to be part of the change with us.
Cafe Infusion is completely self-contained. It has its own filtered water system and wastage tanks. The van can run on a 15A power outlet or from our quiet generators. All Cafe Infusion requires is level ground to park (9mt x 6mt).
Cafe Infusion has been built to cater all events from 50 to 3000+ people as an environmentally and healthy alternative. If you require anymore information, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website and look at our gallery.

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